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Conference Day 1

  • Wednesday, 28th June
Wednesday, 28th June
8:00am BST

Registration, Breakfast & Networking

9:00am BST

Chair’s Opening Remarks and Setting the Scene

Stan Sugarman, Chief Commercial Officer, GAIA AG

9:10am BST

Keynote Panel Discussion: Regulatory Harmonisation for DTx in Europe

  • What did DiGA teach us?
  • Which countries are we seeing implement a similar strategy for digital health reimbursement?
  • Who is doing things differently?
  • Is mirroring the DiGA scheme the right course of action for European countries? 
  • What is wrong with the reimbursement landscape in Europe?
  • Once reimbursement is achieved, what can DTx companies expect next?

Moderator: Anna Haas, Managing Director of Germany, Oviva
Michelle Olschewski, Chief Operating Officer, VIVIRA Health
Ariel Dora Stern, Associate Professor, Harvard Business School
Kathrin Pfeiffer, Head of Market Access, Sympatient
Dennis Hermann, Head of Europe Kaia Health
Elisabethann Wright, Partner, Cooley LLP

9:50am BST

Keynote Panel Discussion: Painting the Picture of the Future of Digital Health Reimbursement in Europe

  • How does a DTx company demonstrate that their product is fit for reimbursement?
  • What are the main challenges DTx companies are facing when seeking reimbursement?
  • How can we innovate the current models for reimbursement?
  • What are the alternative distribution channels of DTx other than DTC or payer channels?
  • How are governments working to fast-track reimbursement of digital health products?
  • Is there scope for a centralised reimbursement pathway in the future? 
  • In an ideal future, what would you like European digital health reimbursement to look like?

Moderator: Hannes Klopper, Chief Executive Officer, HelloBetter
Megan Coder
, Chief Policy Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance
Jennifer Goldsack
, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Medicine Society
Louisa Stuwe, Project Director, French Ministry of Health
Lily Tang, Deputy Director, Digital Investment Strategy, NHS England

10:30am BST

Presentation: A Global to Local Pulse on Key DTx Trends

  • Overarching trends in digital health solutions with key insights from IQVIA’s AppScript database (which includes 350,000+ digital health apps)
  • Comparison of emerging reimbursement pathways across US, Europe and APAC
  • Analysis of how evidence requirements and standards for reimbursement are evolving across key markets with potential implications on both local and global integrated evidence strategies
  • Perspective on the evolving role of pharma investment and partnership models in the context of the shifting reimbursement and evidence landscape

Kate Bennet, Senior Principal, Integrated Digital health COE, IQVIA
Oliver Bailey, Associate Principal, Integrated Digital Health COE, IQVIA

11:00am BST

Morning Refreshments and Networking

Track 1 | Commercial | Great Hall

Chaired by Stan Sugarman, Chief Commercial Officer, GAIA AG

11:30am BST

Presentation: Achieving Commercial Success in Europe: How Did We Get Here?

  • Insights into the commercial journey for a DTx company scaling in Europe
  • What can start-ups entering the space avoid when building a company?
  • How has the market changed over the past few years?

Christian Angern, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Sympatient

11:55am BST

Panel Discussion: Scaling Digital Therapeutics in a Fragmented European Market

  • What makes a smart business?
  • How are DTx companies innovating commercial strategy to successfully scale DTx products across Europe?
  • Is focusing solely on DTx limiting your scope to scale?
  • What are some of the key differences between scaling products in different markets? 
  • How can we effectively demonstrate the ecological validity of digital health tools?
  • What is holding DTx back?

Moderator: Stan Sugarman, Chief Commercial Officer, GAIA AG
Ema Kufel, Co-Founder & CEO Prosoma UK, Prosoma
Francessca Wuttke, Founder & CEO, nen
Edouard Gasser, Co-Founder & CEO, Tilak Healthcare

Track 2 | Evidence | Courtyard Suite

Chaired by Megan Coder, Chief Policy Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

11:30am BST

Presentation: Are Digital Therapeutics ‘Value for Money?’

  • Importance to demonstrate DTx’s economic value?
  • How has the emergence of DTx translated to economic value, and why?
  • What are the factors affecting the economic evaluation of DTx?

Yoann Sapanel, Head, Health Innovation, Institute for Digital Medicine

11:55am BST

Panel Discussion: How Do We Need to Redefine the Digital Health Clinical Trial Framework?

  • Where do you see holes in the current clinical trial design?
  • How are going to implement change?
  • Why are yet to see decentralised clinical trials fully integrated into the healthcare workflow? Are we where we thought we would be today?
  • How does the industry plan to combat socio-economic, gender and racial equity in clinical trials?
  • What are we excited about over the next five years and how are we going to get there?

Moderator: Nayeli Schmutz, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer, PIPRA AG
Simon Spahrkas, Head of Research, Tired of Cancer
Jennifer Goldsack, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Medicine Society
Dirk Sauer, Chairman of the Board, Dopavision
Zoe Thomson, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, LUCID

12:40pm BST

Lunch and Networking

Track 1 | Commercial | Great Hall

2:10pm BST

Presentation: How to Think Outside the Box:  Are PDT’s Always the Answer?

  • The opportunity for combination products drug + DTX
  • Clinical case study: improving outcomes with a combination product
  • Establishing a commercial model at the interface of life sciences and DTx

Hakim Yadi, Chief Executive Officer, Closed Loop Medicine

2:35pm BST

Fireside Chat: From Local to Global: Navigating the Challenges of International Expansion

  • Insights into how DTx companies can change their commercial models when operating in different markets across Asia, Europe and US
  • How does the European landscape differ to the US and Asian markets?
  • Do you limit your commercial success by solely working on DTx? How are companies expanding their portfolio?

Ihsan Almarzooqi, Co-Founder & Managing Director, GluCare.Health
Ali Hashemi, Co-Founder & Chairman, GluCare.Health

Track 2 | Evidence | Courtyard Suite

2:10pm BST

Case Study: Managing the Need for Evidence in a DTx Start-up

  • How and when to prioritise in team and strategy
  • Knowing how to collaborate with academia

Kim Baden-Kristensen, Co-Founder & CEO, Brain+

2:35pm BST

Panel Discussion: Revitalising the DTx Industry: Overcoming Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

  • Has the DTx hit a wall?
  • Now that we are seeing changes in policy and reimbursement, what is stopping DTx from reaching the next level?
  • Is the DTx industry focusing its attention in the right places?
  • Are there any specific patient populations that could benefit from DTx more than others?
  • What do DTx companies need to demonstrate to increase adoption for patients and physicians?
  • Has the buzz died down? How do we get people talking again?

Moderator: Danny Kim, Head of WELT USA, WELT
Ema Kufel, Co-Founder & CEO Prosoma UK, Prosoma
Guido Giunti
, Director,
Center for Health & Technology
Yury Rozenman, SVP of Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, Propeller Health

3:15pm BST

Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

3:45pm BST

Fireside Chat: Establishing a Fruitful and Successful Partnership in Digital Therapeutics

  • What constitutes a successful DTx partnership?
  • What are the must-haves that companies look for in DTx before partnering?
  • Is partnering with pharma the right course of action for all DTx companies?
  • Which other avenues are companies beginning to explore?
  • How can both parties work with one another to ensure for a mutually beneficial partnership?

Sona Sikorova, Chief Executive Officer, Mindpax.me
Gabriele Tundo, Partner, Plexus Ventures LLC
Pavel Nevicky, Senior Manager | Risk Advisory / Life Science & Healthcare Leader, Deloitte

4:10pm BST

Fireside Chat: Scaling Digital Innovation in the NHS

  • What are the current challenges to scale DTx?
  • What can we learn from previous approaches and policies to support scaling of DTx?
  • What is the role of evidence generation to support adoption?
  • How NHS, NICE, and industry are partnering to support scaling of innovation?

Moderator: Tamir Singer, Head of Tech Business Development Innovation, Research, Life Sciences Transformation Directorate, NHSEngland
Mark Chapman
, Director, Medical Technology, Digital & Diagnostics, NICE
Lily Tang, Deputy Director, Digital Investment Strategy, NHS England

4:40pm BST

Panel Discussion: Stepping in the Shoes of a Digital Health Investor

  • How attractive is the DTx industry for an investor today?
  • How has the investment landscape changed over the past 3 years?
  • What are the must-haves and nice-to-haves that investors look for in DTx companies?
  • What challenges are investors seeing with the European market?
  • Which countries have been the most attractive for investors in 2023?
  • In a year’s time, do we expect fundraising dynamics and strategy to be different?

Moderator: John Drakenberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Alex Therapeutics
Anish Shindore, Founder & Managing Partner, GSD Health
Baudouin Hue, General Partner, Karista
Imran Hamid, Senior Investment Principal, LifeArc Ventures

5:20pm BST

Chairs Closing Remarks

Stan Sugarman, Chief Commercial Officer, GAIA AG

5:30pm BST

Drinks Reception and Networking

6:30pm BST

End of DTx Europe Day 1

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Conference Day 2

  • Thursday, 29th June
Thursday, 29th June
8:00am BST

Registration, Breakfast & Networking

9:00am BST

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Andrew Phelan, Chief Operating Officer, Beats Medical

9:10am BST

Keynote Panel Discussion: Is the Clinic Ready for DTx?

  • How do we truly define successful adoption in digital therapeutics?
  • What work are we doing to increase adoption?
  • What are the fundamental barriers to physician adoption? Do the same challenges remain or is this changing?
  • Why are physicians so apprehensive?
  • What does the clinic want to see from DTx products before integrating these tools into their workflow?
  • How do DTx companies plan to better educate physicians and patients on real world applications? 
  • Moving forward, how do companies plan to increase engagement and retention of digital therapeutic products?

Moderator: John Drakengberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Alex Therapeutics
Kim Baden-Kristensen, Co-Founder & CEO, Brain+
Ali Hasan, Chief Medical Officer, Vitality
Alex Despotovic, Program Lead, Digital Medicine Society
Rayna Patel, Co-Founder & CEO, Vine Health
Ali Hashemi, Co-Founder & Chairman, GluCare.Health


9:50am BST

Panel Discussion: The Push Towards Digitally-Enabled Care in the NHS (UK)

The plan for digital health and social care published on 29 June 2022 sets out the UK’s vision for transforming health and care with digitally-enabled technology, aiming to give people access to quicker and more effective care and save the health and care systems time and money. Digitally-enabled services also provide an opportunity to reduce pressure on the individuals delivering care, offering them the time and resources to focus on communicating with and caring for their patients. This session will review Oviva’s relationship with the NHS as a case study to assess how digital tech companies can partner with health systems to increase the adoption of digital technologies at scale. 

  • What does digitally enabled care look like and how does it differ to digital alone? 
  • What are the advantages of digitally enabled care for patients, for healthcare professionals and for health systems?
  • How should you partner with health systems on their digital journey?
  • What does the patient journey look like in a running NHS and digital therapeutic partnership (case study)

Lucy Jones, VP Clinical, Oviva
Mark Jenkins, UK Managing & Medical Director, Oviva
Tom Milligan, Clinical Lead, Diabetes in Humber & North Yorkshire, NHS

10:25am BST

Morning Refreshments and Networking

10:55am BST

Start-Up Showcase: An Introduction to nen

  • How nen is using patient and parent input as well as clinical experts from the very beginning to co-design and develop a solution that would work for kids and their families.
  • nen’s global expansion plans and business model taking into account the ever changing regulatory landscape.
  • How we plan to democratise pain management to kids who need it across the world by partnering with foundations and organisations and how we are building a purpose for profit company. 

Francessca Wuttke, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, nen

11:20am BST

Start-Up Showcase: An Introduction to Dopavision

  • How a digital approach can be leveraged to provide an engaging therapeutic to pediatric populations
  • How a digital approach provides opportunities to personalize individual treatment
  • How a digital approach can help overcome barriers to access across diverse communities

Mark Wuttke, Chief Executive Officer, Dopavision

11:45am BST

Start-Up Showcase: An Introduction to Hedia

  • Find your true value-add to the value chain, stick to it and then do partnerships for the rest.
  • Going from a free product to a licence key locked one – learnings from the process”
  • Why We think the HCPs is the most critical touchpoint for delivering quality care through Hedia

Valentin Lubbe, Chief Operating Officer, Hedia

12:10pm BST

Panel Discussion: What Steps Do We Still Have to Climb?

  • Is the industry where we expected it to be today?
  • After reflecting on everything we’ve addressed over the past two days, where must we do the most work?
  • What do you expect will be key topics of discussion at DTx Europe 2024?
  • What is one final piece of advice you would like to give to the audience?

Moderator: Tarolyn Carlton, Senior Director for US Medical Affairs, Digital Medicine & Digital Therapeutics, Otsuka
Dan Ma, Head of innovation & New Commercial Partnerships | Head Sandoz Innovation, Sandoz
Hakim Yadi, Chief Executive Officer, Closed Loop Medicine
Susa Monacelli, General Manager, Propeller Health
Hannes Klopper, Chief Executive Officer, HelloBetter

12:50pm BST

Chairs Closing Remarks

Andrew Phelan, Chief Operating Officer, Beats Medical

1:00pm BST

End of DTx Europe 2023

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